Unable to purchase Huel. (First time buying) [UK]

Hi, everyone.
I created an account last night and added my address this morning, but I’m not able to buy anything.
I’m at the the basket screen and click checkout, but it does not direct me to the next page, instead it directs me to the same page, the basket.
I’ve tried this process in multiple web browsers but it still does the same thing every single time.
Anyone here had this problem before and know how to get around this? I’m completely stumped.

I’ve never had this problem. What web browser are you using? You could try it with different browser?

i am having the same problem. The shopping cart appears to be broken.

I changed to a different order of 56. I was able to move ahead in the cart but there is no paypal option. Only credit card. I only order via paypal.

I’ve tried chrome, firefox and edge. I have a follow up thread from this, the shopping cart seems bugged, one of the founders is looking into the problem.

Sorry, I noticed the other thread just after I’d replied to this one.

Sorry for the delay, the problem with the checkout has now been fixed.