Payment Issue

Hi there, i am trying to place an order and i am getting the following message.

You’re using an outdated browser not supported by the Payment Processor due to security reasons, please try again using a supported browser.

I have tried 3 different browsers.

Please help im getting low on huel !!

I would say try the basics like clering your cache
The cache saves old versions of the page you are looking at for faster load times (why download the same page when you already have a “copy” of it on your pc)
Maybe when your going to pay its opening the old page you used last time you brought Huel

Give it a try

will do, thanks awesome.

No joy I’m afraid.

What browser and OS are you using? Also, have you made an order before (that worked)?

Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

I would second this, can you give us some more information on the browsers? If it’s Internet Explorer variants then you might have problems.

Hi Tim,

I have made orders that worked before.

I have tried using Brave, chrome and safari. I am on the latest version of Mac OS.

I am going to try ordering off my pc in the office today. ill let you know how i get on.




I have exactly same problem, I ordered before and still cannot fill up the payment methond. I tried with different browsers and laptops.

Hi Tim,

Same issue from the office pc, updated browsers cleared cache etc etc.


Thanks for updating us. Sorry you’re having issues, I’ve checked in with the team and I believe it’s part of a bigger issue we’re working to resolve. They’ve told me that a short term work around would be to use PayPal, however I realise that isn’t ideal. As I said, they’re working on the solution.

Could you email and they’ll help out in the short term.

Ok done that Tim.

Hope you fix the issue soon.


Send all your bank details to me at and I’ll sort it out for you.