EU Techical error when using PayPal (solved)

I’ve just completed my first order (#2982) for 264,97 PLN and I paid with PayPal, but you took from my account 264,97 EUR, not PLN! That’s 1190,45 PLN for God’s sake! That’s a f*cking scandal.

I’ve just created a Paypal dispute for that…

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PayPal verifies at checkout the amount you’re paying before you click the confirmation button.

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You have NO IDEA what are you talking about. I added PayPal as a payment method and chose my PayPal card BEFORE clicking the final “order” (or what the name is) button. It was an authorization of the PayPal payment method at Huel website, NOT RELATED to the actual order, so there was no single word about any amount. When I finally clicked “order” button there was NO ADDITIONAL CONFIRMATION. The payment was done straight away, I just received an email with the confirmation of this sick mistake.

as I said above - I authorized the payment METHOD for THE WEBSITE and then there was no authorization for this concrete order. There was no single point where I could see the price with bad currency before getting the confirmation email from PayPal (btw in the confirmation email from Huel there’s still PLN…).

How many bags did you order?
I just did a quick currency conversion and it looks like 265 PLN is £54.50 which would be 2 bags of powder I guess?
But 265 Euros is £245

3 bags, I used a 50 PLN discount coupon and the subscription method. The amount of money is EXACTLY the same in both PLN and EUR, the only difference is the currency.

I don’t know what the prices are on the European site but I know they are a little different than the UK site.
But yes that euro amount doesn’t sound right for 3 bags, even if shipping was added on (?).
It’s strange that the price is quoted in PLN on your Huel order but in EUR in PayPal - are you able to see exactly how much has actually been taken from your bank account or credit card?
I know that PayPal charges a fee for sending money in different currencies - but it wouldn’t be that much.
It’s hard to know if the error has been caused by PayPal or Huel (it kinda sounds like a PayPal error).
As you’ve already contacted PayPal about it (they usually take 2 days to get back to you), id suggest also contacting Huel customer service so they can look from their end to see how much money they’ve actually received from this order.
If you email they can help.

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The shipping was free. In the original post above I said how much was actually taken - 264,97 EUR, which was 1190,45 PLN after PayPal currency exchange (because the chosen card was in PLN, obviously).

Yeah, I contacted Huel as well, but I read about really poor support from their side in some threads here and that they reacted only after writing the post here.

That hasn’t been my experience - I’ve always found their customer service excellent. I think some people have a rant on here when they don’t get an immediate email response from Huel. They are quite a small team and don’t work weekends or evenings, so some people panic if say they email at 3pm Friday and still haven’t had a response by 11am Monday. But I’ve always had a same day response from them and have found them really helpful.
It sometimes takes a while to investigate where the problem is - but they will get back to you. To me it still sounds like a PayPal conversion issue.
It’s odd, because only a few days ago, someone posted on the forum that the PayPal option was not available from the EU site. It’s possible this option has only just been added and has some teething problems? I don’t know, I’m just guessing.
I’m pretty sure Huel hasn’t intentionally robbed you though! This will be a conversion error that has happened somewhere between Huel and PayPal.

I’ll tag in @Tim_Huel for you so he can take a look as well. If it’s an error on the EU site they will want to fix it pretty quick.

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It’s available for one time orders, not subscriptions.

It’s available also for subscriptions, at least at

Not when you actually try to choose it. I know it says it’s available, but it’s not really.

Guy, I’ve just paid with PayPal for my subscription, so what are we talking about here?..

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We’re talking about the EU site, as stated. If you’re on a different site things could be different.

Oh well, I see, the EU site is automatically redirecting me to the PL site, so I thought it’s exactly the same, just with different language and currency.

Yeah, that’s odd to me though. If a subscription via PayPal is possible using certain currencies, shouldn’t it be possible using euros as well? Especially since PayPal does the converting (and failed in your case, but it generally does a good job).

BTW I don’t know that’s going on at the website, but it’s absolutely f*cked up.

Look at this:

The price for the next order within subscription is 314,97 PLN. But when I try to edit the subscription…:


The price is 349,98 PLN. What the …?

In before - nothing was changed, nothing was added, I just entered the page for modifying my subscription.

@Moon - I think that’s not the PayPal fault, but Huel. By my count, the payment at the PL site was at the end treated as a payment at the EU site and PayPal just received the request with payment in EUR…

@Tim_Huel - I wanted to edit some dispute details at PayPal website, but there was a problem with that, so I tried to re-open dispute and… I can’t. I’ve just contacted PayPal to allow me to create a new dispute for the transaction, so please don’t think the problem is solved.

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Tim doesn’t usually come on here on the weekends but hopefully he will be on in the morning. Customer services being closed on weekends usually have a load of emails Monday so might take a while to get back to you


I’ve just been trying it myself - on both the EU and Poland site, the PayPal Checkout option isn’t available on the first check out page. BUT if you continue through check-out you do then get the option to select PayPal instead of entering your credit card details.
At this point, on the Polish site, the price is still indicating PLN.
You then proceed to the PayPal site and because this is a subscription NO AMOUNT IS GIVEN.
I did not hit proceed as I don’t fancy being charged for testing this out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But @robber is right - the amount is stated in PLN in the Huel site and no currency or amount is stated when proceeding though PayPal.

Edit: in this case it would be Huel’s error - they must be requesting the amount for the subscription in Euros but not converting it from PLN. As @robber had no opportunity to check the amount or currency whilst on the PayPal site, and the only amount stated is the PLN on the Huel checkout, there is no way you could know about the error until the money disappears from your account in the wrong currency.

I’m sure they will sort it out and refund you robber, but I can see why you’ve got annoyed - it’s a lot of money to be charged. And there’s no way you could have known.