Huel subscription issues

I’ve been using Huel for about a month to help with weight loss and find I like the product, it suits me and it is working.

All good so far, however I’ve been trying to change the way I pay for my subscription now I know its going to be a longer term arrangement. This is not going so well. Has anyone been able to sucessfully change their Huel subscription payment method from Paypal to a standalone credit card (i.e. not one associated with a Paypal account)?

I’ve been trying to do this, and been in touch with Huel support who have now escalated this as an issue (but no useful response as yet). Essentially it seems that once you have set up a Paypal payment for a Huel subscription in your Huel account it is impossible to edit or change the payment method to remove Paypal.

Just cancel and create a new subscription.

That’s exactly what Huel support advised. Tried it and it didn’t work.

Are you certain that you have cancelled your subscription and started a totally new subscription, i.e:

  • Go to product page
  • Add Huel to basket
  • Manually input delivery/payment details

I think there might be a chance you are either adding a product to an existing subscription or reactivating a current subscription.

Sorry for all the issues you’re having there, we’ll get to the bottom of it!

Yes, I am absolutely sure I have started a new subscription. If you have access to the Huel support system you will see that they have screenshots of what I can see when I attempt to do this.

I’ve seen the screenshots and it looks like you’re still in your current subscription trying to update your payment method within your sub.

I’ve taken a screen capture, but I can’t upload a video publicly. So have emailed it to you.

My first order come whit a busted bag send 3 messages to customer service and 0 answers.
Now a got a email whit a order # 164085 the we do not authorize or order please we need a answer no phone number at this time customer services is very bad.

Is there a “ship now” for upcoming deliveries if you run out early? I can’t seem to get it to be delivered tomorrow.

Thanks Tim. I see where I went wrong now. I though that clicking on the word ‘Cancel’ would actually cancel things rather than update them. I work in a world where precision and accuracy with language is critical, so I forget that not everyone else is as precise.

The thing is that I started off by trying to edit the payment details to avoid spending time re-entering everything else like billing address & shipping address (BTW the shipping address needed to be updated immediately as although it asks for ‘company name’ this does not then propagate into the on screen address displaying my shipping address, pretty much guaranteeing that the order would not make it to me if I didn’t go back and correct that). And of course doing it this way triggers an immediate payment rather than a charge deferred until when the subscription item is next scheduled for dispatch. So I continue to think that the online subscription section of the website could benefit from some improvements.

@Uitlander - you can cancel the subscription but we give you the option to restart it at any point. Sorry for any issues an thanks for letting us know. We’re working on our own subscription system but it’s a painstaking process. Glad we could get to the bottom of it for you this time.

@Gus1979 - Because you sent 4 emails in the space of an hour it’s likely we would have got back to you since we work chronologically through our emails. Sorry for any delay in replying, it took us about 11 hours to respond to your initial enquiry. I see that Sothan phoned you 11 hours ago and resolved any issues you were having.

@Broscience - the fastest that you can currently ship now is by altering the next charge date to tomorrow. However if you ever want to do this then you can email us and we can do it for you :slight_smile:

Please make sure the NO automatic SHIPMENT thanks!

Are you referring to subscription service? The idea of our subscription is so that there is an automatic shipment. So that you can set up delivery frequencies that match your Huel consumption – thus you will never run out.

If you don’t want automatic shipments then simply choose ‘Single Purchase’ when you initially place an order. The only reason you have received an automatic order is because you have opted for a subscription. Hope that clarifies with you!


Great, figured it was probably that - thanks for the clarification.

If you’re still thinking about making the subscriptions UX a bit better, check out Pact Coffee - they have a pretty great system.

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