Huel webpage is not user friendly

I tried manage my order in new Huel weppage and i have to admit is very crappy. I can’t add anything to my next subscription as is creating new one order instead of adding to existing, can’t follow my subscribed order as nothing is active now.

Is somebody know if this is going to change? or this will be standard NOW?

I think it’s changing

Yeah the website is currently full of glitches. They are working on it. Luckily I don’t need to order right now… I’m glad because it really is a mess.
They will fix it. Seems to be taking them a while though…


It appears to be OK now… I just changed my subscription items and charge dates.

I just made a flavour adjustment to my next subscription order and saved the changes. I then realised the order had split into 2 separate subscriptions with different dispatch dates. I adjusted so that they both would dispatch the same day and the orders joined up again. Strange eh? :grin:

I’ve tried to order a new batch and set up a subscription over the last 3 days and the order wasn’t going through.

I eventually changed it to a one off order, and it was accepted straight away…

very odd!