Website is not user friendly

Hey guys I love huel, but you imo really should plan to revamp the websites. It’s buggy, today my subscription disappeared for no reason, one week ago I couldn’t find anymore my referral code in the referrals section, and two weeks ago I couldn’t modify my subscription by adding a flavor. I had to contact support and they explained to me that simply isn’t feasible via UI. They solved my problem but still the issue on the website remains. Furthermore, I had to create a separate account to join the forum. Lots of things to improve in my opinion.
Thanks for your work!

Thanks for the feedback here.

We’re aware of this and it’s being fixed as I type. It’s in maintenance mode now and should be back up within the hour.

Sorry about the other issues and glad our CE team could solve them.

That makes sense because the forum and our website are totally different websites (our forum is hosted by discourse). It’s like asking your Asos account to link up with your Reddit account when you create one or the other. It would be super cool but not everyone is going to want a forum account.

Cheers for feedback.

Today the subscription is back (good news!), but looks like I cannot edit it. I’ve clicked the skip button on the Flavour, nothing happened. Then I clicked the Edit button on the flavour, clicked “cancel subscription”, nothing happened again, the items are still there! Really bad UX imho.


Update: after a while (some minutes) the subscription updated automatically.

the Edit and Skip links are far too close together. I’ve several times hit the Skip link instead of Edit - resulting in my subscription being delayed

100% Agree.

Just been on the website to edit my order and it was a bad experience. Not good enough that I will now have to waste time tomorrow trying to get through To Huel on the phone