Can we talk about the Huel website?

I absolutely love Huel but I’ve been having some serious pains with the website. It’s a nightmare to use, and here’s why.

  1. Accounts are region bound, but on mobile (or with a screen size lower than 720px width) you can’t see the flag. The number of times I’ve struggled to enter my password and login and tried resetting just to find I’m in the wrong region is crazy. The region the user is currently trying to login to should be communicated better than it is.
  2. On that, when changing region the box doesn’t work on Safari. The suggested region also appears broken on Chrome and means that you have to scroll down to find your country. If accounts need to be region locked why doesn’t it autosave and autoset the region to the last one that you used?
  3. When adding something to your next box the default is subscription regardless of what you’re buying. It doesn’t make sense to get a subscription to a shirt or shaker – can this not be changed depending on product type? This wouldn’t be an issue if you could easily remove items from your next delivery box, but…
  4. When modifying a subscription the change isn’t instantly reflected in your subscription and when trying to edit the incorrect item again it takes you to a blank page with no 404. Why doesn’t the “next delivery” page feature an up to date list of what you’ll receive?
  5. Why doesn’t the next delivery page have a delete option for any item on there you no longer want?

Sorry to whine! The rest of the website is super clean and nicely designed. I just don’t see why the user experience should plummet as soon as you’re a paying customer. So much care is taken to everything else – why so many shortcuts in programming the checkout?


I don’t really have issues with the account/sub management so far,
but I did notice the sub on merchandise. Thought this was actually
kinda funny, but reminded me again on why I always check everything
before placing the order.

Today, I changed the flavours in my sub and instead of removing one
of the flavours it created a second sub for just one bag of that flavour.
By clicking the skip button, this second sub got deleted. This doesn’t make
any sense, but it did what I intended anyway (don’t know why I tried it).

On my laptop, I get a pop up every single time asking me USA or The Netherlands.
Think this should be remembered at some point, but just a minor thing to me.
On my phone, not a single issue so far.

What drives me nuts is the Huel subsciption site has so many issues which keep coming up time and time again on the forum so clearly there is an issue, yet I don’t see Huel apologising for the website or making clear any plans to improve it or take our suggestions. What I do see is them respond to each person as if its an individual problem and then apparently we should be satisfied when it is fixed for us. I don’t want to have to email Huel every time I need a change to my sub. This is not satisfactory.

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Hey Alex, what are you having problems with specifically? Quite a lot of the issues raised are totally unique, we then fix them for everyone.

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I usually log in to apply my next discount code as soon as I receive my order. I did that this month, and there were no subscriptions listed. I figured no big deal, since I already have a few bags to use up, so I figured I’d just leave it inactive. Luckily I checked again today, because my subscription has been reinstated, but obviously with no discount code. Now, no matter what code I try, the cart informs me that the code has been applied, but no change is reflected in the cost of my order. This seems to happen every month, and it’s hit and miss whether or not any given code actually takes. Right now I have three codes, of which I know I’ve only used one, but I can’t tell which because I’ve had to try different codes to actually get it to take.

Huel is the only site where I have any issues with placing and managing orders, but it seems to be consistently terrible.

Edit: I just checked my cart again - the discount has been applied, but I couldn’t tell you for the life of me which code actually took.

@thedisapprovingbrit (relevant username?) where are you getting all these discount codes from?!

Discount codes ? Sounds good, where ?! :joy:

I think we’re talking about referral codes