Cannot edit my subscription, please consider raise the issue to devs


I cannot edit my subscription. Please see the video below. Sorry the web page UI is Japanese, but basically I want to edit my subscription but it leads to “Loading your subscription.” and nothing happens.

I think my account is somewhat weird state because the button goes to

Could you consider raising this issue to web developers? I dug into forum posts and surely several people are experiencing the same issue.


Hey there! I am sorry to hear about your experience, and we really appreciate you raising the issue with us!

Could you please email us at with a link to this post and the changes you are looking to make to your subscription? We will then raise this with our engineering team and help you amend your subscription from our end!

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Dom,

Thank you for handling the issue and the response. I really appreciate your help, but I want to edit my subscription by myself via web page, not by mailing to support staff.

Actually I could not change my subscription last time so I mailed to They amended my subscription but the issue (“issue” here means user cannot edit the subscription in the web page) remains the same. I don’t want to repeat this every time I want to change my subscription.

Saying again, I really appreciate your help and support. Could you handle the issue not by amending my subscription, but by fixing the web page (or my weird account state)?