Unable to edit subscription

Since the build your own bundle update I am unable to edit my subscription.

I wanted to remove one item from it since I have a bit of an overflow and I will be out of town for a while. When I edit the subscription the first screen, where I can add and remove items from it, works fine. But when I continue on to the next screen, where I set the frequency, address and payment, I can’t proceed. The CONTINUE button is greyed out and I can’t seem to figure out what I am missing to let me finish.

When the website does that to me I just cancel the subscription and start a new one

Hey Taylor, so sorry to hear about the problems here. It would be great to drop the customer experience team an email on this as they will be able to dive in deeper on what is happening and help you out.

i’m having the same issue – can’t pause a subscription i don’t need at the moment. i have three bags to work through, LOL.

Please do drop a message to the CX team, they’ll sort it for you!