Cancelling subscription

The website is not allowing me to cancel my subscription. Tried using Chrome as well as Explorer. The “skip” button does not even attempt to load another page. Cancelling via “edit” just sends to me to an eternal waiting game. The rest of your webpage works FLAWLESSLY, but not this bit hmmm…

please cancel my subscription for me.


Best email with your account number / email address

I would talk you through how to cancel a subscription but it sounds like youve found the right page, and its just timing out or something…

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Mailing customer support would be first thing in this case, yes :slight_smile:

Hey there, hopefully you’ve emailed in, but for clarity in this thread you can cancel your sub by:

  • Click “Subscriptions”

  • Click “View Delivery”

  • Click “Edit”

  • Click “Cancel Subscription” (this is towards the bottom of that page)

Mine is also hanging and also cant delete your default payment, sounds fishy to me.

This isn’t some conspiracy. We’re trying to upgrade our account management system and just experiencing some teething problems. We’re not just making the cancel sub button hard to find to prevent you from cancelling like some money crazed corporation.

We’re working out the problems, for now please email and we’ll do our best to help you out as soon as possible. Sorry for these issues, the end result will be great.


Fair enough.

Hahaha, this type of reply was what I was hoping for!

It is easy to navigate and find the “end subscription” but I did have some moments of irritation as my order was due tomorrow and I was not ready to pay, hence making this post. Tremendous amounts of praise however to the Huel team for replying (within hours) and cancelling the subscription. 10/10.


I love the product and the customer service over the phone was speedy and friendly. However the ordering system online is one big hot mess. It’s a lottery as to what is going to turn up at my door to be honest. It’s recently gone from a terrible system to an even more terrible system.
I just tried to edit a subscription to add an extra box of bars and it set up a new order with today’s date. If I delete my old subscription then it deletes the new one instead. There is also a third subscription for my powder.
I just want one subscription for powder and bars that I can occasionally add flavour boosts to when I need them. I will phone on Monday to set this up as the website is hot trash.