Subscription that refuses to get cancelled

Hello Huel,

I tried to cancel that granola subscription at least 7 times. Each time the site would say “Subscription Cancelled” and it would stay.
Today I got charged €13,31, for the €5,31 granola box.
Please cancel that subscription and refund that order.

Order number: #38233-EU

Screenshot of the subscription:

If you need a software QA, my email is:

Kind Regards,
Konstantin Zhlebinkov

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I think you’d be better emailing the customer service team. I think its

Its been said before that this isn’t supposed to be a customer service platform and things like this aren’t always picked up as they don’t work at weekends.

Things like drinking, skiing and general debauchery get in the way. So I hear!

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It’s a real shame the website doesn’t match the quality of the product.

So buggy, and it nearly put me off even trying Huel as it does not look professional whatsoever.

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Sorry to hear about the problems with your sub, that’s looks pretty weird. Please do email and the customer experience team will take a look at it for you.

It’s not weird Tim it just doesn’t work.

Maybe get a professional in to build a working website?

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Hey @Tim_Huel, I wrote to yesterday morning, still no response.
I love huel, it has tremendously improved my life , but you gotta admit that the site is downright dreadful in some aspects. Primarily the ordering section.

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Editing subscriptions doesn’t really work as well as it should. I had to make edits using Safari on IOS as they simply would not take using Chrome on Windows 10 or Mac OS (despite a pop-up confirming).