Your subscription is canceled

Received an e-mail stating the following.

Your subscription order has been cancelled at your request.

Is this a bug in the system? As I did not cancel.

Website seems to be slow to say the least.

Update :
Received the following e-mail. Explaining that it has been take care off.


We are just writing to let you know that due to a system error earlier today, you may have received an email informing you that your subscription has been cancelled.

Please be assured that your subscription has not been changed in any way and will continue to send as usual.

We apologize for this confusion and any inconvenience it may have caused.


Team Huel

I got the same email. Assuming it’s a bug and/or they’re implementing some changes.

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Got the same email, twice. Looking at my profile on, my subscription is missing and so are all payment methods. Did they drop their database or something?

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@Tim_Huel Houston we have a problem.

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Thanks for raising, we’re on this.

I will update when I have more for you. Bottom line, no one’s subscription is cancelled.

Update: Yes that’s it. This is an isolated EU problem but no one’s subscription is cancelled. The subscription platform’s API is super slow and this caused some duplication issues our end, nothing to worry about though. We will email everyone shortly, but there haven’t been many affected.

Sorry for the issues.

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Thanks for the prompt reply.

Bloody brexit breaking everyone’s subscriptions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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“You shall not pass.”



Before anything, I have already sent an email to .

I’d like to ask everyone to be wary with their account management for now.
Yesterday, I tried to change the flavour of my subcription and woke up this morning
to see that my Paypal has been charged for a subscription of 1 box of bars.
There’s still 1 box in the other subscription, so it’s likely been split.

I know we’ve since received an email saying no one’s subscription was cancelled, but in the account management it looks like there’s only a subscription for the powder and the granola/bars are actually cancelled.

Can we assume it’ll correct itself?

I canceled my subs when Account Management started working again, will restart subs when nearing the end of my bags.
I did this, because of the split and didn’t want to risk anything else.