Problem with subscriptions?

I cancelled all of mine recently but have had five on the go since i started huel for various reasons.

So i cancelled last two as wanted to change over my payment details for the orders. This was couple weeks ago.

I therefore had no active subscriptions.

Just logged in now to set one up for bundle and it shows all 5 even though some were deleted months ago.

Guessing its a glitch? I did try click into them but it just went to a blank screen so couldnt even cancel them again.

Anyone had this issue? Just for clarity on upcoming deliveries it says none so guess not active but it’s rather odd.

Just deleted history and cookies on phone and it now says no active subscriptions found. Very odd.

Sounds really bizarre. Thanks for raising, @Charlotte_Huel any thoughts why this is happening? If anyone else has experienced this then let us know. Obviously if you just pause them then we want to keep the subscriptions in your account so you can restart them at your convenience, but this is different.

Oh that’s odd! this isn’t a known issue that I’m aware of, so it’s worth reaching out to our customer experience team to double-check these have been cancelled at I’m sorry about this, I’ll ensure our technical team is looking into this in the meantime.

@Tim_Huel @Charlotte_Huel My subscription and deliveries pages also seem very buggy.

I logged in to amend my bundle for next week and there were more items in my bundle than Iast time that I edited it a few weeks ago.

I knocked it back down to 2 powders , 4 H&S, and 1 box of protein bars, but when I looked at my updated bundle it showed 5 powders, 5 H&S and 2 boxes of bars.

It looks like a bug with previous items sticking around every time you edit.

I have edited my bundle again today to swap a flavour and when I look at my subscription / upcoming delivery page it displays things like

Huel Hot & Savoury
Your Bundle Subscription
1x Chick’n & Mushroom Pasta
1x Cajun Pasta
1x Mac & Cheeze
1x Thai Green Curry
1x Pasta Bolognese
1x Pasta Bolognese
1x Mac & Cheeze
1x Cajun Pasta
1x Chick’n & Mushroom Pasta
1x Chick’n & Mushroom Pasta
1x Cajun Pasta
1x Mac & Cheeze
1x Pasta Bolognese

Many repeated items and things that I didn’t order today like the TGC (which I did have in my last order but have just tried to remove for this month’s), the subscription page is the same.
My upcoming delivery shows 23 items with a price of £493.05 when it should in reality be 7 items at ~£150

The updated subscription email, however, did show the correct items and correct amounts.

Further edit just to clarify that this is persistent across multiple browsers on seperate machines / devices and so is not browser cookie / cache related.

My new order came today.

All old subscriptions now gone just the new one.

I received my reminder email today and it indeed shows the 20+ repeated items at over £400, not the 7 that I ordered. This needs looking at, surely other people are having problems with this?

That’s very strange and definitely seems like a system glitch, I’ve heard a few other instances of this happening at the moment and our technical team has been looking into getting this fixed as soon as possible.

To confirm the items in your order, please send across a recent order number so we can check this out for you on the back end and if you have any other issues, please do let us know.

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