Subscription not renewing

Hi, my subscription isn’t renewing.

I’ve got a subscription with Huel normally I have no problems with it. I use my paypal to pay for it. But when it renewed on Friday it charged and refunded me at exactly the same time. I contacted customer support on Friday, however haven’t received a reply. I received an email from Huel saying there was a problem charging me so I changed my default payment method from Paypal to my debit card.

Seems that all the customer support lines, live chat, email etc are down. I understand that it’s a tense time for everyone. Just seeing if anyone else has had the same thing?

Some other people had this problem and the issue was that there was an out of stock item in the order…
I think flavour boosts were the culprit (?)
If you remove the out of stock item and order again it should go through

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Thanks for that. I’ll try removing the flavour booster.

We are ever so sorry about this, it sounds like one of the products on your subscription may have gone out of stock, if this was the case you should’ve receive an email to make you aware of this. However if you haven’t we will make sure to look into this.

I’m afraid replies are delayed at the moment due to a large influx of tickets and in order to reply to these in the fastest possible time we are now offering a call back service to voice mails and have temporarily stopped live chat.

However we will make sure to get back to your email as soon as possible.

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Thanks @Charlotte_Huel, just so you know I didn’t receive a notification that it was out of stock. I’ve removed the flavour booster and checked that the bags I’m ordering are in stock and reset my subscription to renew tomorrow. So Hopefully it’ll process tonight. Fingers crossed.

Yes, happened to me. I had added a pack of salted caramel fb to my order which was out of stock at the time. No problem once I removed the addition and reordered. Happily, salted caramel is now back in stock. My top favourite fb :yum:

What? Godamnit and i just bought strawberry because it was out of stock, and strawberry is… well… .awful :frowning:

I am not a fan of strawberry either, though the new one is better than previous.

I love the smell, i opened the box with my delivery and i could already smell it, then i opened the bag, smelled like nesquik. I put in in my huel. The taste was blah :frowning:

Thanks arrived on Friday evening. Thanks for getting the order to me during this time.

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That’s no problem at all, I’m pleased to hear you’ve now received it :blush: