Subscription renewal and unavailable flavours

My subscription is due for renewal early next week, the flavours I have in my subscription are I think out of stock as they are not available to choose from- is it best that I amend the subscription to cover only those flavours in stock? I do not want my renewal to be rejected.
Any advice appreciated.

I think someone official said that stock was being kept aside so that they could fulfil the subscriptions of existing subscribers, so even if it says out of stock, there should still be enough to cover subscriptions.

Just looked at the Huel website and it says " Due to high demand, we unfortunately had to limit the availability of some of our Huel Powder v3.0 flavours to new customers.

Please note: if you are an existing subscriber to any of our products, you will still receive your order as normal.

We apologise for any inconvenience."

That is the correct thing to do Huel, priorities for good ol’ customers.

Tough decision but the correct one

Something I’ve just learned: keep an eye on your account if it seems to be delayed a long time. My order was significantly delayed and it turns out it was due to a technical glitch connected to an item being out of stock at the point of renewal. The glitch meant their order system just missed me entirely.

I noticed after emailing Huel that somewhere on my account it had the renewal date as ‘Invalid Date’, so it was definitely a technical issue. They fixed it very quickly when I contacted them and I got my order a few days ago, thankfully.

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