Regarding cancellation of a subscription

Hi there.

As I’ve tried to cancel my subscription on several devices and web browsers without any success, and tried to contact customer support through email I’ve finally ended up here.
I’ve been satisfied with the product, at least up until now.

Long story short, I need to get rid of my subscription. Can someone help me out?

It’s not easy and Huel is pretty crap to deal with… Honestly try and phone them directly, insist they cancel and don’t let them sway you with their pseudo science. Just keep repeating the mantra “Cancel subscription now please!”. Legally they have to do it. Failing that contact your bank.

Huel is not trying to trap anyone. I cancelled my subscription for bars yesterday. I’m sorry @Flingurt that you can’t find the right section of the website, which country are you in? I am using the UK website on Safari on my phone, so it might be slightly different for you, but this is how I do it.

  1. Go to “My account
  2. Click on “Subscriptions”
  3. Under the subscription you want to cancel, click “Edit”.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click “Cancel Subscription”.

@Notimpressedsofar you’re not helping anyone, least of all OP. If you think Huel’s efforts to create a nutritionally complete food are pseudo-science then what are you even doing on this forum?


Thanks for the help guys.

Actually, I’m not having problems finding where to cancel the subscription, it’s just that when I do, I get a spinning “loading circle” on the screen and it stays there for en eternity it seems. I’ve tried leaving it like that for 20 minutes or something without success.
As I mentioned earlier, trying from another device/browser won’t help.

Unless I can get someone from customer service to help me I think my only option is actually to contact my bank as @Notimpressedsofar says, as the payment method can’t be removed from the website.

In this case to point out that Huel needs to fix their website. I would have thought that pointing out that Huel isn’t an alternative to eating real food was actually fairly helpful. But you’re right though I don’t need to be here anymore. So you can calm down now.

Hey Daniel,

I can’t locate any subscriptions from you under your forum email address, nor can I see any emails from you - have you contacted the Customer Experience team at all?

If you could drop us an email to with your subscription email, we can definitely get this sorted for you!

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I have a subscription under this email ( and I did contact customer service via the email form on the website.
However, I’m from sweden and I’m usually redirected to, maybe I’ve ended up in the wrong forum?

You’re in the right forum, Swedes welcome :sweden:

Got a reply today and it’s sorted so that’s great.

Thanks for the help guys. :slight_smile: