"My account" zone problems

Hello Huel Teams.

I’m fresh hueler (started in December). The product is great, but your’s website (account zone) is a big problem. I’m trying to change delivery address and subscription details and what? Nothing. It’s super slow, a lot 500 errors response. I don’t know If I changed address or not. After relogin I received information that I don’t have any subscription. How can I do that on my own? I don’t want to write an email to the support every time when I would like to change my subscription.

Maybe do you need experienced sysops assistance? I could help you with that.

Best regards, Artur

Hey Artur, they’re having some technical issues with the EU version of the website at the moment

Edit: Example thread

I’ve read that thread. But it’s not new issue. Two weeks ago I also had problems with modifying account details. For example - changed delivery address. According to informations on webpage today - is still old one. It’s not ok for me.