Address doesn't update - Website bug

So I just “missed” my Huel delivery. As I read through the email it said I wasn’t there which made no sense… until I saw which address they delivered to. So then I was like wait I changed the address… didn’t I? First I was unsure for a second if my memory tricked me, but tbh I’m quite confident in my memory ability. I tried changing the delivery address again, but after going into the subscription management for a 2nd time after changing address it had reverted to the wrong old address. It’s not a big deal for me, but this kinda bug can cause a lot of havoc. I am trying to change address on an active subscription.

I had the same issue after lockdown when I tried to change from my office address to my home address. It let me create the new address but when it came to checkout it was just a weird hybrid of the old and new addresses so ended up doing them as a one off purchase instead of a subscription without logging in – not ideal but it’s all I could think of at the time.

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After getting the delivery notice I requested a different delivery address with the delivery company directly which seems to work.

I assume deleting all wrong addresses could be a temporary fix ===EDIT: Doesnt work lmao, can’t delete addresses.EditEnd=== Also there’s 4 times the same wrong address for some reason. I mean it’s not rly wrong, but the place I usually use is closed due to corona, so unavailable to me for the meantime.