Please help huel!

I ordered my huel around 7 pm on sunday but i messed up the address, ive been trying to change it by contracting through email but nothing is working , thanks

I did this last time I ordered and it got sent regardless, I think it may be too late. I got a response about two days after ordering. :frowning:

@maribel333 are you in the UK?
If yes, do you have a smart phone?
If yes! Download the app and you will be able to request delivery to a different address

Yeah… they dispatch pretty quick… have you had a dispatch email yet?
I will tag @Tim_Huel @Olivia_Huel @JamesCollier just in case one of them comes on the forum this morning, but your best bet is to change your address via the DPD app

Oh @maribel333 one other thing you can try, is you can change your address in your account - I think go into billing info and also go into orders / subscriptions and change your shipping info there

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I’ve contacted the US team and asked them to jump onto it ASAP however they won’t be in for another 4-5 hours and don’t work over the weekend, hence why you haven’t received a reply - sorry for this.

If you need to change the address of the sub for the future then head to your account:

Manage :point_right: Edit :point_right: Scroll down to delivery address :point_right: Edit.

Edit: @maribel333 – I believe Christian has now got back to you?