URGENT - Need to cancel order (not my fault)


I have been ordering Huel regularly for the past few years now and have never had an issue. Today, I went to order my Huel as usual. I typed in my current address and everything was fine. When I payed, I payed with my apple pay account, and that then changed my address to an old address I used to live at, which I now live no where near to. I had no way of changing this as the order was immediately sent through. My order was over £50 and I am a student and absolutely cannot afford to lose this amount of money. My order number is 1269620, please cancel my order, I really need it refunded. I have no way of getting to my old address as it is the other side of the country.

I’d email them ASAP on team@huel.com
They might not pick up your email in time though, because they tend to ship orders the same day.
Do you know anyone who lives in the same city as your old address?
If you download the DPD app and make sure you register the same email address you used to order Huel, you should be able to manage your delivery and redirect your parcel.
DPD won’t allow you to ship it to a different city but if you redirect it to someone you know, at least it won’t get lost.
Or do you have any way of contacting whoever lives at the address now? You could ask them to refuse delivery

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You might get a response if you try messaging on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

The forum staff will help if they can but won’t be online again until tomorrow now…

Whose fault is it? I mean, you didn’t update your address… it’s an oversight of yours definitely.

the account address update isn’t working. I had the same issue this month - I tried to do a one off order on my account and added a new address for my home. it was fine until it came to payment where I noticed it had scrambled the address to a mix of the old and the new one. Could not get it to update the addresses so the only way I could force it to work was to log out and order it without an account and re-enter the address. it seems that modify or deleting current address on your account is at best difficult and at worst not really possible.