Any way to Amend Shipping address or cancel order?

I decided to order some more huel, but it was a little too early in the morning and I didnt notice my apple pay had changed the shipping address to my brothers old address in London (i live in Bristol) (not sure how or why that address is even stored under my applepay ) :flushed::see_no_evil:
I sent a message via the contact form at 05:50ish this morning but haven’t had a response, I understand the Huel team are very busy but I’m worried the order will be dispatched before it can be changed.

Is there anything else i can do? Can someone help?

The order number is #728540 and my ticket ref is 60567

Download the DPD app onto your smartphone and make sure you set up your profile on the app to include the phone number and email address that you used for your Huel order.
You can then use the app to change your delivery address.
If you do this as soon as you get an email notification from Dpd to say they’ve received your parcel at the sorting hub, they should be able to redirect it to the right city.

I tried that, DPD say the only person that can change the delivery address is Huel.

Edit: it hasnt been dispatched by i have a tracking number for DPD saying its awaiting the parcel.

Have you had the actual tracking number through from DPD yet?
I redirect loads of my friends’ online shopping orders to my address all the time through the DPD app, because I’m usually at home to take deliveries and they aren’t.
Im fairly sure this has included Huel deliveries and it wasn’t a problem. I don’t think I’ve ever had to redirect it to a different city though

I’ve just had a look through my DPD history and yes one of my friend’s redirections to my address was a Huel delivery so you can definitely do it.

They did it via the app (not online using a tracking number, but their email address and phone number registered to their app)

When you go into your DPD app, go to Home then Parcel Activity, then there’s a pop-up box / drop down menu of options where you can choose ‘leave in a safe place’ ‘deliver to a neighbor’ or ‘change delivery address’

You need to have your phone number, email address and home address all saved in your profile. And you need to have verified all those details in your profile.

Thanks, I’ve just found how to change the address via DPD, but it wont accept a new address out of the depot area. It says i need to contact Huel to change it :sweat:


You won’t get an answer from customer service before tomorrow as it will take them a day or two to get to your email (there’s a back-log)

If I tag @Tim_Huel and @Olivia_Huel one of them might see your plea for help first thing in the morning and be able to contact DPD for you.

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

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I vaguely remember Tim saying something about customer services now being open 7 days. If that’s the case try ringing them tomorrow on 01296 678516 because its very unlikely you’ll get an answer via the forum or ticket system until next week.

Oh yeah. Thanks @Coup. I totally didn’t realise it’s friday…

thank you. I couldnt find that phone number under their contact info anywhere. I will try and call them tomorrow.

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