Wrong delivery adress

Hi all.
I just placed my first order. But a completely wrong address has been indicated by Apple Pay. I’ve made the change on my account but the wrong adresse still appears on the order!

I read that others had the same problem, but there’s no indicated solution.

I leave in France.

I’ve sent emails to team@huel.com

What more can I do ?

Is there any chance someone sees my email tomorrow, Sunday ?

Thanks in advance !

There used to be be a phone number for Huel on the bottom of the FAQ page. I don’t know if it’s manned on a Sunday though.

no the phone number is office hours only I think but the social media channels chat folks work the weekend I think - other option is to call the courier to redirect the delivery if its already been despatched.

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Hi guys,
Thanks for the response.
However, I didn’t receive any response to my emails, neither on social média. (I sent messages on Facebook and tweeter.)
I didn’t find any phone number to contact Huel.
And I couldn’t contact DHL France because they doesn’t Sunday…

(I didn’t receive any email about the sending of the package.)

Thanks again :call_me_hand:t4:

their number is 01296 678516 and the office hours are 9am - 5pm UK time - Mon - Fri.

Thanks !
No response today. I’ll call them tomorrow first hour.
Do they deliver on Sunday ? Or I still have a chance to contact them before they send it ?

if you haven’t had a notification its been despatched yet it should be ok to change it.


Hey Youssef, I’ve checked in with the customer experience team and it seems this is all sorted for you now. Any other issues do get in touch with them directly.

Unfortunately we can’t ever guarantee an address change once the order has been placed. Sometimes we can do it and do our best to but it’s not often possible.

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nice bit of honesty.