Order cancelation

Unfortunately i forgot to cancel my subscription, there is no way to cancel the order.
Please help and cancel my order #28747

Hey, it looks like you missing a digit or two off your order number. Would you mind sending over your full order number?

Alternatively, the best way to get in contact with our Customer Experience team is via email: team@huel.com or live chat on our website.

I think full number is #28747-PL

Wysłane z iPhone’a

Thanks Manaelo. I was just checking with our CE team how to manage your issue (it’s not my usual thing).

Our fulfilment team are super quick at sending out orders so unfortunately we can’t cancel it. What you can do is refuse your order when it gets delivered, then when it’s back with us we can issue a full refund.

Your subscription is cancelled so this won’t happen again.