Order Cancellation HELP

I am trying to cancel an order that was placed this morning. #1518566

I am very dyslexic when it comes to reading and ordered the wrong flavour. I realised very shortly after placing the order.

I have tried phoning Huel (leaving a message), messaging Huel on instagram, emailing team@huel.comand support@huel.com and have received no help so far, except for an automated response via email. Why is there no way to cancel an order online before it is fulfilled?

I need assistance but not receiving any from Huel.

I don’t think it’s fair to make me pay for what would a fair heavy (thus expensive) return when I’m doing everything to make the ammendment beforehand.

Sorry to anyone who doesn’t want to read this. Just doing what I can to can this sorted.

Someone has now contacted me - relief! Thank you Huel!


That’s no problem at all, if you need any help with this in the future we would be more than happy to help :slightly_smiling_face:

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How can I speak to someone about a problem with an order ???

You can drop us an email at team@huel.com, use the live chat function on our website or you can drop us a private message on our social pages :slightly_smiling_face: