Unable to cancel subscription order

Hi I had a subscription setup and I completely forgot about it I just got charged 10 minutes back. I was looking to cancel the order but do not see any option. It has not been dispatched yet, so I was wondering if someone can help me or add a staff member to this discussion so they can do it. It would be amazing if you can do it because it will help me manage my finances during hard times like this.

Order #102056-EU

HI you should be able to Pause it. This stops it going out and does not resume until you tell it to.

@Tim_Huel might be able to give you some more information but i would recommend contacting team@huel.com. As most of the people on this forum are just normal members of the public.

Thanks for reaching out about this!

Once an order is placed our pick and pack team get the order ready as quickly as possible so most of the time we are unable to cancel these orders, however we certainly try our hardest to get this done for you.

If you could please get in touch on our social pages or drop an email to team@huel.com we will try our hardest to do this for you.