Stressful Cancellation Process

I thought I canceled my subscription order but apparently I didn’t:( I couldn’t find a way to cancel it online either

I literally cannot afford this order right now and I think I’m going to go insane if I have to pay to for the return shipping considering the weight on this thing

The ordered was initiated a few hours ago. Please help me.

My order number: #3020179-US

I’m afraid this is the UK & Rest of World forum.

The US has it’s own Huel forum manned by US Huel staff. You would be better posting there instead.

Coup is indeed correct - this is our UK/ROW forum, and it’s normally best to contact the Customer Experience team via email/phone/social media to get these things sorted.

However, I was on another thread and saw this pop up so we’ve gone ahead and got your order cancelled & refunded, and cancelled your sub for you. Don’t want you to stress!! Have a great day. :blush:


Awesome work @Cam_Huel

Q: Are you US based or UK based?

Thank you so much! Your products are great just not for me unfortunately. Have a nice day!

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UK, I live at HQ and am allowed out for walks every other day.