How do I cancel a recurring order?

Hello, Im really enjoying Huel but i’m 90% sure i didn’t order with recurring order and now i don’t see any way i can cancel it. I can’t find a contact number and i sent an email to info with no reply?

I also couln’tt create an account with my normal email address because i wasn’t receiving the activation email so it’s possible i didn’t receive the reply to my query.

How do i cancel my recurring order? Is there anyw ay to cancel the order that is currently on the way to me?

I really hope this is all just unfortunate circumstances and not the Huel company being a bit shady…

Thanks a lot!

Go to
Click on the little head in the top right corner
Sign in
Click on “Manage Subscription”
(please wait while we authenticate you)
Click "Manage"
Click “Delete”

The Huel account is the same as on the forum (provided this is the one you signed up for a subscription with).

The phone number found on the bottom of my order email is 01296769279 (it does not seem to be listed on the website).

Hi Jamie,

Sorry to hear you’ve had some issues with your recurring order. I believe my colleague Gulliver has responded to your email and sorted it all out.

For anyone else reading this post, the advice that @Kristin has given is spot on!

I can be hired for 1 bag of Huel per week!