Change of Account Details

A bit of a random one I know, but if any Huel staffers come across this, could someone get in touch with me please?

I’ve filled out contact forms on the website twice, and sent 2 emails just to get my account email address changed, and no one has bothered to reply, to the 4 attempts to contact!

You can change your email address within your delivery and billing info.
If you are trying to change the email address for your actual log-in, they will be able to do this for you. I needed them to do this for me and they did it within 48hrs. I know they currently have a back-log of emails so it might take them a bit longer to get to yours than normal.
Sending multiple requests isn’t going to get it done any faster unfortunately…
I’ll tag @Tim_Huel for you as he may be able to help

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Thanks, Christina, most appreciated!

I appreciate that they may be backlogged, but 2 weeks :frowning:

It’s the login email that needs changing, quite why some sites insist on email addresses not being user-changeable is beyond me.

Thanks again.

We’re receiving a massive influx in emails at the moment and are just taking longer than usual to get back to everyone. When was it you emailed us?

It’s not that we don’t think you’re email is important, we’re just working hard in chronological order to get to it.

Really sorry for any issues with your order. We will reply and we will sort it out.

Thanks for getting back to me.

I filled out a contact form on your website about 2 weeks ago, another a week ago, then sent an email at the weekend.

For the avoidance of doubt, there is no issue with my previous (first) order, I just want to change the email address that is on my account.

Perhaps you should look at making it user-changeable, rather than having to have people email in and then have your team change it manually?

I’ll sit tight and wait for an email response.

Thanks again.

Thanks for the information and your patience. To be honest this sounds very out of sorts, the team have checked and there isn’t any email from the address you use on the forum. Is it this email address that you used on the contact form? I’ll DM you.

I also need to change my email address as the current address registered with Huel will stop working. I contacted to request an email address change and got an automated response (35567) on 16th Feb. Of the companies and organisations I am updating, Huel and one other organisation have been the only accounts I haven’t been able to update myself. The other organisation made the update within 1 hour of my email request.

P.S. I am enjoying the product!

@Tim_Huel gave the nudgem to whomever it is that deals with email address updates and it was sorted in a couple of days, worth a shout if you don’t hear back soon.

I’ve been throught the same process, chnaging the email address on almost all of the online accounts that i hav, and 99% of them allow you to DIY, not sure why it is that some don’t.

Thanks @anon83306665. The update was made this morning so all good.