Change login email

@Tim_Huel I’ve created my account and placed my first order last night.

However I made a typo when entering my email address. How can I change it?

Thanks in advance,


Hey Marc,

Sure no problem. Fire across your order number so I can find the right person, and the correct email address and I’ll get that changed for you.

Let me know if you’ve also emailed the customer experience team though, just so we don’t do it twice!


@Tim_Huel order number #883646. Correct email address is the one I’m using on this thread.

Thanks again!

I’ve sorted that all out for you, Marc! In future, do just drop an email, or contact them on social media. The forum isn’t so much of a customer service platform!

Have a great week,


Noted for future and thanks again for sorting so quickly.

Great customer service!