Cannont log in =(

Hiya, I need to adjust my monthly order however the huel website doesn’t recognise my email preventing me from logging in. Ive looked for a customer service number but cant seem to find on. Does anyone know what people/numbers/emails etc that I need to call/message to try to sort this highly frustrating issue out?

Hey there, sorry you’re having problems. Have you manually signed up for an account?

We do not make our customers register an account with us when they purchase; they just specify an email for correspondences.

If you do want to register an account, you can do so here: (using the same email as your previous purchases). This will link up your past and current orders to your newly registered account.

If you need anything else, please let me know. You can email our customer service team on

I’ve just had the same problem. After some effort I figured it out. Huel now have two nearly identical websites - one for UK and one for US. The old UK URL now points to the US site. There are also clearly two separate account databases. So if you use an old link to say “”, you’ll be talking to the US database, which will never have heard of you. If you are a UK user you will need to go to “” and all your problems will be over - or not, as the case may be. For within the UK site (and for all I know within the US site too) there are cross links that have not been yet ironed out by their naughty web designer. So you can start off on the UK site browsing around and without realising you will be transferred to the US site. This seems to be because in duplicating the UK site and porting it to the US site, somebody hasn’t got around to actually checking out that all those pesky little links go to the right place.

Huel, in return for a free consignment of your great product, I would happily run the beta testing for you!


Some of the internal links, particularly on our 3rd party apps took a little longer to update than the rest. Particularly with our subscription program which is what this is in reference to. However, we are working methodically through any issues on the 1000 webpages of our site. Thanks for the kind offer!

It does take time doesn’t it? That’s why you beta test before you put the site live.

Hey @Tim_Huel, I just got hit with this too.

The mobile sites are offering a location prompt when I go to, but the desktop site didn’t, leading to a very frustrating five minutes D:

This might just be me, but I’d have used for the UK, the Yanks can have their subdomain and like it! :laughing:

EDIT: here’s some fun stuff for you, if you go to, to try and avoid this, you get redir’d straight back to, starting the cycle again :+1:

EDIT 2: Electric Boogaloo: even more fun.
So I’m using the Vivaldi browser, and whatever it uses to get speed dial thumbnails gets location prompted, but the main browser window doesn’t, even after clearing cookies :cookie:

I’m having a blast with this quirk hunting, maybe this is the true endgame of the Huel website :thinking: