Can't edit my subscription... email not recognised

Just wondering if anyone else has had an issue… or if it’s something to do with my account.

I’ve just had the 3 day alert for the next installment of my subscription and I wanted to go on and up the amount I was getting. However, it won’t let me log in and then when I try to change the password it’s saying that my email isn’t connected to an account. This is the email address that the subscription alert was sent to though so it definitely is!

Has this happened to anyone else?
I’ve dropped Huel an email to sort it but just in case this gets looked at more or anyone else was having issues, thought it best to ask here too.

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Hey Stuart!

You don’t have to have an account to place a subscription order. This means that you don’t actually have an account! The warning emails about new orders about to arrive are triggered even if you don’t have an active account on the website.

You can create one by selecting “Register” on this page:

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I had this problem too… turns out I was trying to log onto the US site not the UK site, lol! Hope its sorted now :slight_smile: