Subscription order incorrect — How to contact/cancel same day?

I’ve just had an order confirmation from Huel for my subscription but it’s showing only one bag instead of two. I’ve emailed team@huel but i’m worried it might take a while for them to respond and it might be too late before this is dispatched. Is there any way to contact them more urgently?

Edit: Just checking the site, you can only order a minimum of 2 bags at a time so i’m really not sure how this has happened.

Also, I’ve just noticed on my subscriptions page I now have two subscriptions for some reason, one for my normal order of two bags, and this new subscription for one bag, so something has really gone wrong here.

I’ll tag @Tim_Huel and @Olivia_Huel for you.

Sounds a bit odd - like you say, the minimum order is two bags. Have you been charged for just one bag ?!

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Thanks for that @ChristinaT

Yeah, been charged £20.25.

How strange. They seem to be super efficient at getting orders out the door, so it might not be stopped in time, but I would think the picking/packing team would notice that it is a one-bag order and query it. Hopefully

Hey Ben,

This is super strange - it looks like something has gone wrong within your subscription.

I’ve cancelled today’s order for you and I’ll checkout your sub to see what’s gone wrong.

I’ll reply to your email once I’ve sorted it too.

Really sorry about this!

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Thanks so much @Olivia_Huel, that’s brilliant.

No worries at all, these things happen! Look forward to hearing from you.