Missing subscription order

Emailed huel 3 times now to find out what is going on with my order but no response so thought this might be quicker. First time user of huel so this doesn’t bode well for me really. Subscription turned up yesterday through DPD due to have 4 bags black edition only 2 turned up and have now checked banking this morning to find I have been charged for 4 bags but only received 2. Can anyone explain to me from team huel what it going on here??? I think from now on I will order direct rather than an ongoing subscription. Order number is #1231632. Thanks Josh.

Josh you can try the live chat (during normal office hours) on the lower right hand corner of the main UK website to chat with customer services.

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We do apologise for the delayed response, email is our slowest platform so it can take a little while longer for a response, in the meantime we suggest contacting our live chat and social channels for a faster response.

This is very odd! I do apologise about this, I have double checked your order for you and I can see you are absolutely right and you should’ve received 4 pouches of black edition, we are terribly sorry.

Please do get in touch via live chat or social channels for the fastest response, we are working our way through the emails at the moment, however I would suggest live chat for the fastest resolution.