2nd delivery of huel I did not order

I have just had a email to say a delivery of huel I did not order is on it’s way. I have subscribe and received a delivery yesterday so why is there a second one coming to day . has this happened to any one else ?

That happens to me a lot. The email is just a day late, it’s not really another delivery.

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Can you drop us an email on team@huel.com with some details? If you moved the subscription date to today, after the sub has already been fulfilled then this would have triggered a 2nd sub.

Or as David said it might be a problem with the email.

just sent a email and checked DpD web site and there is a parcel on it’s way. I had checked the date when I ordered and the subscription date was April

Maybe you got mine? I placed an order yesterday and haven’t had a dispatch email yet. :smiley: I’m not expecting it today though, there was a warning about delays at the checkout.

lol you might be right

Can any on else spot the other thing wrong with this second order … see part of my email below
have any questions in the meantime, please contact us at team@huel.com and we’ll be happy to help.

Team Huel

Item Quantity Cost
Huel Powder Chocolate 3 £21.50

They are being shipped to the following address:

Shipping Address

Should have gone to Aldi.