[solved] Help: Can’t buy Huel! (Login)

Has anyone been having this issue? I can log in completely fine but when it comes to checkout, it says incorrect password :sweat:
Have emailed customer support a few days ago but no reply :confused:

Pls help, Huelling 100% rn and literally finished my last box of granola. Had to get a friend to help me buy more Huel but don’t want to keep troubling her. Thanks guys!! :smiley:

I had this exact problem yesterday, tried reseting password and e-maild customer service not heard anything back yet and its still not working :neutral_face:

Used the browsers safari, chrome, snow haze and firefox on iMac, ipad and phone to no avail.

This happens if I go to Huel.com instead of uk.huel.com, done it more times than I’ll admit…

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BLESS YOUR SOUL phil you’ve dunnit again!

have no idea why this is the first time that has happened to me even though I’ve been buying Huel for over a year :joy:


I had the same thing. Only thing i could do was creatie a new account and i could finally order again…