Cant log in to purchase!

Am finding it impossible to log in to my account to buy more huel. when directed to account details page i am asked to supply email address and password which i do, am then told email address already exists! I KNOW, it’s ME!
Have tried reset password, have tried everything.
Anyone have a solution?

What happened when you tried to reset the password?

If you’re in the UK, this page is working for me:

Make sure you’re clicking “Sign in” and not the “create account” button underneath it

i am seemingly in, until i go to check out page. it asks me to fill out customer information. here is where the problem persists. I fill out the shipping address and make sure the password is correct with the email address, but it tells me every time ,"email already associated with an existing account "

Seems to take you from being logged in to not logged in when it comes to payment .

I seem to remember having this problem with my first order - it was infuriating!
You log in, fill your basket, go to check-out where it wants you to enter your email again, and then asks you to log in again, but you’re already logged in so it seems to assume you are trying to create a new account with an existing email.
I went round in circles for hours.
I can’t remember how I resolved it now. I think it was something to do with changing the payment method or not logging in until the checkout stage… sorry… that’s not very helpful. But I did get there in the end, and the issue never happened again, it was just my first order.
Friends I referred also had this issue and most of them gave up and never ordered, and others asked me to order for them and they gave me the money.
I don’t know what’s going on with the Huel website - it still needs a lot of work.

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Yep me too. It’s driving me insane and since it’s been taking so long to get round to re-order I’ve completely run out of Huel!
Glad it’s not just me losing my mind though…

It’s really bad , glitch in their service that needs to be addressed. I thought I ws going INSAINE too . Spent hours trying to get through . Last night on my mobile phone I finally managed to log in to my account and be recognised and not be told someone with that address already exists, but yes I have run out of huel . Disappointed.
The product is strong enough to not lose my custom , but only just .

I too am having problems of not being to log in to access my existing subscriptions at set prices. It does appear though that I am able to make new purchases at the new (higher) price. This happened a week ago and I have come back today to check if the ‘problem’ has been resolved. It hasn’t.

The cynic in me would suggest that this has been done deliberately to make people buy and create subscriptions at the higher purchase price, and do away with the cheaper subscriptions.

The prices look the same to me (?)
I’m looking at powder, subscriptions - same price it was 4/5 months ago. Or is it the accumulative discount that’s changed? (I’ve never bought more than 3 bags in one order)
Or a different product?

What is going on? There is no way for me to order anything. The login in the checkout page fails. Also sent an email and got no reply. Are you guy still selling huel?

Couple of other people have had the same problem today. Must be an issue with the check out.
I’ve had the same problem in the past but it all worked perfectly last time I ordered (about a week ago).
Maybe @Tim_Huel can help

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Or check you’re on the UK website…

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Hey guys, sorry for any problems with checkout. There has been a few problems with Recharge, the app that runs our subscription system, which led to shopify (our store) having to do some work - which they are undertaking now. We’re keeping on top of it and will let you know when they arrive at a solution.

Exact same problem here. The password and username are definitely correct. I am told that email address doesn’t have an account despite having shopped with huel UK several times before. If I click on the link for forgotten password and enter the same email address again that I have used multiple times before I am presented with a message along the lines of this email does not have an account.
It’s bonkers. UK site. Used every month for past 4 months continuously.

I just logged in no problem… not sure why you’re having an issue. I was going to suggest checking you’re definitely on the UK site but it sounds like you’ve already made sure of that so I’m not sure what to suggest… other than get in touch with support on Monday.
Or create a new account if you need to order today?