Account creation process is a mess


I just decided to get a subscription for Huel bars. What a total mess the website is if you want to do this!

I go to the checkout, and it offers to create me an account. So I go ahead and do that, then place my order. But after placing the order, there’s a message on screen telling me I need to register for an account to be able to manage my subscription. Huh… so I go to the website and try to sign in with the account I thought I had just created. It tells me my login details are wrong. So then I click the link from the order page to create an account and it asks for a little more info than the one at checkout. I create my account there.

Then I get the email asking me to activate my account. I click on that and… it asks me to set a password? What? The account registration page literally asked me for a password. Now you’re asking for a new one? Made no sense. I now have about 4 different generated passwords for Huel in my password manager thanks to this mess.

It also doesn’t help that the page displays poorly, the captcha button is half obscured by the header.


Hi there, sorry for not making it clearly. We do not make our customers register an account with us when they purchase; they just specify an email for correspondences.

If you do want to register an account, you can do so here: (using the same email as your previous purchases). This will link up your past and current orders to your newly registered account.

We’re aware of the Captcha issue and are in the process of resolving it. Really sorry for the problems with this one.


Hi Tim. I’m not sure if you read my post properly. I’ve already signed up for an account. And the orders have linked up. What I am saying is:

  1. That there appears to be two conflicting account creation procedures - one at the checkout screen, and one via the link you provided.

  2. That after signing up via the link you provided, the link in the activation email then asks me to set a new password - which is something I thought I had already done on that registration page - check it out for yourself it clearly has a ‘password’ field!

Now when I want to login, it goes like this:

  1. Login with the right password (A 1 in 3 chance, but whatever)
  2. Bugged Captcha screen
  3. A message that says I have invalid credentials, yet I can still click ‘My Account’ and see everything from there

For people that use password managers this is a real mess.


However if you do, then ordering process then asks for all the info again. So you end up entering the address etc twice.


Thanks for clarifying. We’re aware of an issue with the subscription app we use and customer accounts and we are currently working on an improved and simplified user experience. We’re working on it.


It’s this bit. You register your account, we give you all the details and then you ask for them again…

This should all be in the account creation process once.


ZIP Code :triumph:


Mine is YKK.


For me it was no issue. I ordered my first box and suddenly I had an account. No pain whatsoever.


I think if you order, then create an account it’s fine. What throws it, is if you create the account then order.

Now I think it’s great they don’t make you create an account. So many websites force you to, we’re kind of indoctrinated to, it then doesn’t work on the huel site, as the ordering system is not passed the account details.


That reminds me… Note to web dev: could you please add a “burn the web dev” emoji. I feel this would be a much used helpful addition to the Huel websperiance. Thanks.


Hey guys, just an update on this one. The issue with account set up is a bug and isn’t the intended function, you should be able to set up an account when ordering subscription that set’s it up in Shopify - this is what happens for most. However, clearly in some cases this isn’t happening. We have been having troubling replicating this, @Sheza if you didn’t mind it would be really useful if you DM’d me as much browser information as you can, then we can look deeper into the issue and why it is happening to you.

However the Captcha issue has been fixed. The Captcha doesn’t come up often in Shopify only when multiple logins are attempted etc. which would make sense in this instance.

Thanks for the help on this one team!


Or a Please get a UX guy, or a next for the webdev one would be fine.

Huel, great at food, not so good at tech…



I assume they don’t have any developers. Their web platform is built on Shopify.


yep, agree with everything you say. the account creation is a ball ache and it simply won’t let me do it…even though we have already received our first order and are now ties in to a subscription that i can’t log in to edit flavours for.

email sent. no reply as yet.

Huel - all which has been said above (6 months ago) is STILL the case


Place an order then make an account, not the other way round. The Captcha issue was resolved 6 months. Could you be more specific about what issues you are having please?