New to huel, mix and match

Hi, I’ve seen previous topics on the desire to mix an order and not have to buy 2 of the same product. I saw that this might change, I am new and considered waiting till I could do this… any timescales? Thanks

no clue when and if that might happen but in the mean time - there is the option to try the best seller bundle to give you the option to try all the products out.

When @Tim_Huel pulls his finger out.

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I would have tried the bestseller bundle if it had what I wanted in it :slight_smile:

OK right when did I become responsible for this solution. Trying to commandeer some of the dev team’s computers to get right onto this :nerd_face: :computer:

So all we’ve talked about is a solution which should make it easier for people to trial Huel. We haven’t given a timeframe for it, but will let you know when it’s ready (whatever it is :male_detective: )

Don’t forget you can also add individual products (single RTDs, single Bars, single pouches) to your already existing subs and orders.