Mix and match

I’m probably getting something wrong here but I want to mix and match what I order, 1 bag of savoury 1 bag of shake etc but can’t seem to do it?

The website doesn’t allow mixing and matching of products.

If you search “mix match” you’ll find lots of threads already on the topic.

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Thanks, I see now it’s a question that has been raised a lot. Probably for all the same reasons. Such a shame.

Yeah, I reckon they’re trying to work this one out because its an obvious nobrainer really.

Point in fact, currently I have…
5 packets of Huel Black Chocolate
2 boxes of bars (I think salted caramel and coffee caramel)
2 packets of H&S - one each of TGC and Tomato thing

I’d love a couple more boxes of bars and a couple of TGC. Would love to try the new Coffee caramel BE. But can’t really order more yet because I have to wait to deplete it.

I was pondering a concept of loyalty points whereby we are able to order in smaller quantities, the more we have already ordered. Not sure how that might work. I continue to ponder.

Edit: oops!

As I don’t want to have that much powder at home I would be interested in combining one bag of v3 and one bag of Black Edition. Or more convenient, smaller bag sizes for travelling. Or at least a small transport box for that purpose.

The idea with the loyalty points is good - I would support that, too. We could get one loyality point for every bag we order, with one loyality point enabling you to place a single order with just one single product. And perhaps a “flatrate” for very loyal customers who have already ordered more than 50 times (which means that they can combine single products as they like without a minimum amount of 2 bags…). This shouldn’t be a real problem for the company as the long-term customers are more likely to order larger amounts…but making it possible for them to be more flexible in their orders would be a nice reward…

I would just hoard loyalty points until I have enough to get a single Huel bar delivered by Julian Hearn, in a Rolls Royce. I want to eat it while it’s still warm from his pocket. That’s the only way to make me feel valued.


Very funny…good for you that you’re not interested in ordering smaller sizes, but many people are. And I think that should be addressed if Huel wants to be seen as a customer-oriented company.

Ah, don’t read too much into it. It was just a silly joke.

I do think loyalty points are an unnecessary complication, when the simple solution is for them to let anyone order a single product, but pay for shipping. And mix and match is something they should offer, but they don’t because they set their shop up a particular way and don’t think it’s worth changing just to please a small number of customers.

So while this topic comes up a lot, it needs to come up a lot if things are ever going to change. All they need to do is allow people to add a single product to the basket. If they checkout with only one product in the basket, they’re charged for shipping.

I find this in general with loyalty points / reward schemes, cards or programmes. There seems to be one now for everywhere and I just can’t be bothered with it. Great if you have the spare time but I’d rather just buy my stuff at the right price in the first place and move on.

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I get points from my bank with every credit card purchase I do already, so I either convert those to air miles periodically or get something from their rewards catalogue - its a seamless background thing so I don’t bother with any other kind of rewards program and the Huel subscription discounts are already a kind of loyalty reward in of itself.

I’ve been a customer for around 5 years or so (pretty much since launch) and bought regularly in that time, but I’ve not made a proper purchase since June save for Hot and Savoury when it came out due to curiosity.

It comes down to this: no matter what’s in my basket I just can’t get away from the feeling that I’m not actually ordering what I want to receive and yet I’m still spending more than I’d like to. Every combination feels like a compromise.

My H&S purchase really underscored that; where I had to guess which of two flavours I’d never tried I wanted an extra bag of because there’s a three bag minimum purchase.

The minimums clearly work for Huel but they don’t for me, so my money’s going elsewhere until things change :frowning:


Thanks for al the feedback, it’s important for you to raise this. We read all of it and it’s really valuable.

Hi @Tim_Huel for the mix and match could you not have a box of the bars with a selection of each flavour and to be purchased alongside another flavour you have already tested and like. I do appreciate that the paperwork on the box might be a lot of hassle. I have sampled most bar flavours but probably not the chocolate on it’s own. :blush:

Tristan put my feelings perfectly here - I don’t often feel what I’m adding to my basket is what I actually want. I don’t use Huel every day. I dip into it as and when I need it, so ordering 2 bags (or 3 with the new HS…) feels wasteful.

Put it this way. I just had Huel for lunch from a bag of GF Huel that went OUT of date in January 2019. It’s probably nutritionally useless by now, but at least it doesn’t seem to kill me, lol. If I could order a single bag or even better smaller bags, even if they worked out a little more expensive in the long run, I would have ordered more over the years and Huel would have made more money from me. But instead the strict purchasing options lead me to adding stuff to my basket, looking at the price and then not bothering.

You have a lot more products than when I first started using Huel. It shouldn’t be too crazy an idea to let us mix and match. If I could order a bag of Huel with a bag of HS, that would be a good enough compromise for me.

I really want to love my Huel, but y’all don’t make it easy :sweat_smile:

Blockquote Thanks for al the feedback, it’s important for you to raise this. We read all of it and it’s really valuable.

1 full year after raising this very issue first without anything happening in this direction doesn’t make this very… convincing.

They’ve had a very busy year – launched many new flavours to their core lines, introduced an entirely new product range as well as rapidly expanding that, worked on stepping into new markets, seen unprecedented growth and returned an operating profit, expanded their retail offerings as well as releasing their first full sustainability audit and report – all while working under highly restrictive conditions under the pandemic. All things considered, I would say they have not been idle but not everything can be done in the time frames people want – especially this year.

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Just because people ask for things and the company acknowledges the feedback, doesn’t mean that the company “has” to make changes.

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I’d like to add 1 mixed box of bars to my powder subscription, is this possible? I wouldn’t use 2 boxes before they’re out of date as I only previously used the bars as a stand by item, much preferring the powder and H&S for meals and don’t really snack.

Hey Mark, I’m just checking in with the team. I thought it was possible through the account area but will just double check. Sorry for the delay replying!

Don’t forget “totally screwing up the taste of Original”… :neutral_face: