It’s finally here. A way to build your own Huel bundle and not have to buy two of the same pouches! :Tada:

Hueligans, we have some amazing news we know you will love. We have been working on a new way to purchase your favourite Huel products. Any questions drop them below!

You will now be able to build your own bundle and mix and match any products from any range without minimum quantity on a single product.

Here are some of the problems it will solve:

  • “I want to buy 1 pouch of v3.0 and 1 pouch of Black Edition”
  • “Why do I need to make multiple subscriptions for different products?”
  • “Why can’t I add what I want and just have a minimum spend?”

Many of you have been asking about this and you might wonder what’s taken so long! Without getting too techy and boring, our engineering team had to work very hard to completely change the way we set up our products in our store, as well as designing a brand new experience that is still user-friendly and intuitive.

Add to that all considerations on how these orders would be fulfilled from our warehouses, who should get what in the starter kits, and more… Trust me, it’s one of those that’s not as easy as it seems!

BUT! After all this work, we are very excited to announce that today we will start running this as a test in Sweden, with the view to roll out globally, if all goes to plan, later this year.

The minimum order value will differ between regions, but it is the same as the cost of 2 pouches of Powder v3.0. In Sweden the minimum order value is 749kr. You will be able to meet this value by combining any of our food products, including single Bars and bottles of RTD.

The Build-your-own Bundle is a subscription-only offering, however of course you can cancel, pause, skip and change your subscription anytime, as well as changing your delivery dates and frequencies.

And, you can swap out different flavours and products in your bundle for your 2nd subscription if you want!

Here is a guide with screenshots and recordings.

Check out the real thing here on the Swedish site.


That sounds great! Looking forward to it being rolled out in the UK.
When do you think that would be likely? Are we looking at weeks or months?

By “later this year” I would say months.


It’s something we are trying out, and for the time being it’s only available to our Swedish customers. Depending on how it goes, we might then roll it out in other countries. We will make sure to let you know if/when this would happen!


Got super excited about this, and then…

:frowning: This does look good… but it’s an extremely complex way of swapping minimum volume of a product for minimum spend on a cart. Why is Huel so resistant to letting us buy one of something? I take it first time we’re still with new customers “needing” to have more than one bag to know they like it, whilst subscribers obv’ don’t?

I just want to see this change to 'You need to spend £50 to checkout"

But so I end on a positive instead of just complaining, I think this is superb functionality for subscribers and put together extremely well. I know how big of a task building that would have been within Shopify, so kudos to your devs!

You can, this is what the Build Your Own Bundle does? But instead of you needing to go to 5 different product pages and navigate the Exclusive Basket Offers section after you hit :shopping_cart: you can do it all in one place really easily.

Thanks for saying so, I will pass it on :blush:

That is great news! So much easier for the customer and I definitely think Huel will benefit too, people will try/add more different products.


When is the UK getting build your own?! Please

Based on the above it’s going to be at least a couple of months.

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Be good to fart about with it anyway, i really want to try the 2 new hot and savourys but cba with multiple subs etc.

Just had a look on the “Subscriptions” Section on “Account” and there now is a “Upgrade Subscription” option introduced!

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Any updates on when this will be available in EU store? (Latvia) :slight_smile: Would really love to try single bottles of RTDs

I can’t give you a specific date, but our expectation is pretty soon, a few weeks not months!

We are being super cautious with Build Your Own Bundle to ensure it works well and to manage our stock levels. Once we are happy you will hear a little more from us about this, how to use it and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have!


BYOB is active now?! Just got a message… great news!

Chin chin :grin:

Wooooop! Yup BYOB has been live in the UK for a few weeks, just been keeping it low key. We’re pleased with how it’s going!

Here’s a bit more information.

What’s changed exactly?

Previously you needed to reach a minimum quantity of each product.

  • 2 x v3.0 Powder
  • or 3 x Hot & Savoury pouches

If you wanted to add a single pouch/box of something else you needed to reach this minimum order quantity first.

  • 2 x v3.0 pouches + 1 x H&S pouch
  • 3 x H&S pouches + 1 x v3.0 pouch

or you would have set up a separate subscription for the other range.

Sub 1 - 2 x v3.0 pouches

Sub 2 - 3 x H&S pouches


:star: 1 x v3.0 pouch + 1 x Black Edition pouch
:star: 1 x H&S pouch + 1 x Box of Bars + 1 x Black Edition pouch

All you need to do is reach the minimum spend, which as I’ve said is the same price as 2 pouches of v3.0 Powder. And you can meet this value by combining any of our food products, including single Bars and bottles of RTD.

Spoiler alert we’re testing a one-off order option on our Swedish store now too :crossed_fingers:


That’s great! Yea, it will certainly make the ordering process much more flexible for us and potentially gain interest of new customers.

@Tim_Huel I see you can’t add single protein bars, at least not in the EU store. Is this something you’ll add in the near future?

This is excellent news, and also should lead to much less waste with people not getting on with flavours/textures. @Tim_Huel any possibility of adding multiple categories to the same subscription? Right now it still seems like I need to have 1 order for RTD, one for black and one for white. It’s no huge deal, just more difficult to manage across 3 subs is all.

Hey there! Yes you can do this, that’s what BYOB is here for! Make sure you are building your bundle from here

Using your example I’ve just built one subscription bundle with 1 x RTD case, 1 x pouch of Black Edition and 1 x pouch of v3.0.

Sorry if I’ve misunderstood, hopefully the above helps!

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Ah yes this is exactly what I meant, and looking at this BYOB module now it looks like a lot of work went into it, it’s really neat! Thanks @Tim_Huel!