Options to purchase 1 pouch of Huel at a time?

I use Huel on and off so would love an option to purchase just one pouch at a time, perhaps around the £20 mark (plus shipping if required) - are there any plans to allow orders of smaller quantities or even smaller pouches altogether such as 1kg? 500g?

I know what you mean and some have expressed an interest in this before, however there aren’t any plans to do this I’m afraid. The reason is simply to do with shipping. It costs us exactly the same to ship two pouches as it would one. We don’t like to charge you shipping costs, so we swallow them. If we did do this, the pouch wouldn’t be £20 considering that two pouches costs £45, so the very minimum would be £22.50 plus the shipping - approx £7. It just isn’t something we want to do.

The problem with small day size pouches is it a) massively increases our packaging waste and b) would mean people don’t have as much flexibility in choosing how much they eat.

I hope this makes sense?

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