Single Purchase

I would much rather buy one bag of Huel whenever I need it rather that 2 and a subscription

Thanks for the feedback, welcome to the forum! I think what is important to note here is that, in your scenario, Huel would also not be 50% cheaper to purchase one pouch.

I.e. currently you have you purchase two pouches for X. Purchasing 1 pouch would not cost X÷2.

There are a bunch of costs like delivery, packing, packaging and more that would not cut in half exactly if you were able to purchase 1 pouch.

However, in your situation as a regular Hueligan (I think it sounds like you are) Huel has a shelf life of 12 months, so having 2 pouches will save you money and also last for ages.

Hope that makes sense, although isn’t so helpful for you. We are working on a way to make Huel easier to sample where you can mix and match your favourite products into a bundle.

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