Samples are £1 for 1 week only!

Are any of you out there still unsure about whether you would like Huel, or perhaps you have always been curious about the Unflavoured & Unsweetened version?

Our samples are now available for £1 only for the next 7 days with free UK delivery.

If you fancy grabbing a few, or know of friends that have been interested, then head here:


This actually makes them cheaper then buying the large bags at the moment!

Crazy price :slight_smile:

Although I buy the big bags, these would be useful for travelling…would it be ok to buy a large amount of each for that very reason…say 20 of each? If so, would they be sent by courier or royal mail? I ask because that would depend on where i have them delivered…


I’d order quick, a certain someone just snapped up a fair few :wink:

It looks like they will be delivered by Interlink/DPD based on my confirmation

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OK cheers…I thought that would be the case, as only single samples sent by RM…will get onto it then.

I’ve jumped on this too, as the smaller bags will be perfect for travelling on business.

Ordering two at a time is slow going, being able to order 20-40 at a time would be great !
Great for traveling, car, office and gifting to friends/family

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I managed to order 50 in one go…but I see the wording has been updated now…!

Its just taken an confirmed order for 10, then it took 20… much better !

And seems to like 50 at a time now as well :slight_smile:

Hmm - it seems there’s a small bug in the cart.

You can bypass the validation, I’m pretty sure it’s not meant to allow more than 2 at the moment.

Clearly a demand for small packs here chaps!

Perhaps you could think about adding ‘travel’ portions in packs of 28 or something for a similar price to a normal bag.

(I’ll take 3% commission for that one :wink:)

Basket seems unrestricted now, happily accepts 1000 in one go

What is your wishlist for Huel? - #130 by william :wink:


I wanted to just write:


but I needed 10 characters, so I’ve had to ramble.


Yes, we have restricted the cart to 2 per order I am afraid, perhaps we should have seen that coming!

Would only let me go for 1 U/U :confused:

What about a sample of flavour pouches? I’ve always wanted to try them but worried I won’t like them.

Have a look here: Flavour pouch samples - #15 by AlexT

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FWIW I’ve bought a couple of orders of these as a sample. 8 packs should be enough for a weeks trial, so if I immediately and viscerally hate both flavours I’m not too far out but it should be enough to decide if it’s for me if it takes an adjustment period.

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