Huel £1 samples

Are these better value than the big bags ?

£1 sample contains “one meal” this is 100grams and 410calories

The big bags you can get down to £1.34 a meal but these are larger at 500 calories per meal

Someone work this out for me lol

Im leaning towards yes being the answer

Yes they do work out a little cheaper but bear in mind they are intended to be used to sample the product and hence are limited to 2 per order. Also, they are only £1 for one week (ending in the next day or two).

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You can order 2 only, as they are really samples. And yes, aye, very good value.

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Yes to what both @william and @wzp said, except that you can now buy 3 unflavoured, 1 vanilla sample as we had a few more of the unflavoured sample.