Sample packs

I wonder if the existing sample packs aren’t too small. Is 100g really enough to make a decision on, especially when the next step is £45? It took me quite a bit more than 100g to work out how to make it up to my preference, and if I’d started with a 100g pack I wouldn’t have followed up: my first try was that bad!

Might a 400 or 500g pack for a (non-refundable) tenner, that you can only buy once, be better? That would give people a chance to try it alone, with other flavourings, and give people a chance to acquire a taste for Huel.

These thoughts came from posting a link to this site on a forum for PwHIV. In the message I suggested Huel as an additional tool in the quest for a healthy diet (one of the first things HIV does is set up home in you gut and from there raises all sorts of dietary issues). PwHIV probably have a higher than average rate of unemployment due to ill health and so less money to take risks with, risks like judging Huel on a single meal - that actually goes across the board for people with long term illness, who are possibly among the people most likely to benefit from Huel…

@Taliesin it’s a interesting point we have considered other sizes but most people I’ve spoken to want as little as possible to keep the cost down.