I prefer 4 pounches then one big


I received 4 pouches of HUEL today and that’s great! I can keep 2 at work and 2 at home. If you are thinking about sending one big pouch, well, in my opinion, it’s not a good idea.

Another thing is I already lost my scoop, could you put more of them to the first order?


Hi @Michal_Hoffman

No we are not thinking of sending one large pouch. We are going back to the original size, 1.71kg which is twice the weight of the 860g but not twice the physical size.

Our ethos is to reduce waste, so unlike lots of other companies we don’t put a scoop in every pouch. Over a year a person on 100% of Huel would accumulate 104 scoops. So we put one in with each order. They are durable enough to last a year or more. You can request a new scoop on the basket page when you next place an order. I am sure you can find the one send today. Alternatively you can use kitchen scales and a spoon, this is my preferred way, it’s much more accurate.