Would you like a scoop in every pouch?

I would like to get your opinion on whether we should put a scoop in every pouch or not?

I’ve been using powders for years and the norm is to put a scoop in every pouch. This is convenient but after the 10th pouch you get a backlog of scoop and start to throw them away which seems wasteful.

So when we launched Huel the idea was to give out one scoop with the first order and send more, only if needed, to cut down on waste.

However, some customer have said they would like a scoop in every pouch.

What is your opinion?

Hey Julian

Is it not possible to keep the scoop out of the pouch and then have a checkbox by the order buy that says “Include scoop?” If ticked you throw a scoop into the box, not the pouch.

Just a suggestion. Personally I have loads as you say, from years of buying protein.


Agreed, this seems the best solution that should keep everyone happy.

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Yes this makes perfect sense. I speak to IT and see how easy this it implement. Thanks @anthonysykes

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I am happy with the one scoop…I can only use one at a time, and they do not wear out…they will only get thrown away, and put the cost up. Definite NO !


Thank you @tazzi I agree.