Still can't order individual bags?

Hi Huel

I got an email today with your latest carefully curated method we are allowed to use to buy huel products, the Bestseller Bundle. Side note - it oddly does not contain Huel white, which your site says is the best seller.

It is still impossible to buy a bag of white and a bag of black, or a bag of black and some bars, etc. Why is this? I have seen posts before about wanting new folk to try 2 whole bags worth, but the solution of forcing everyone to buy 2 bags every time feels like a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

(Also I don’t really buy it, if people don’t like it I’d bet they either bin it, sell it, or leave it in the back of a cupboard until they next move house - rather than just ploughing through it anyway.)

Please, if a minimum order value is the driver, just make this clear and let people mix and match up to that value. By all means promote and offer discounts for specific bundles (like 2 of the same bag, or the bestseller bundle, or whatever) that could be applied either automatically or by the user in the basket.

I’ll wind some people up now and suggest you look at the dominoes site, haha. It has a deals section you can use to pick a specific deal, or you can just look at the menu and order whatever you want. If what you order matches a deal then that deal gets applied. Brilliant.

It feels at the moment that a lot of development work has been done on quite a complex shop & basket system, which I suspect means there is some reluctance to make significant changes or opt for a re-write. But ultimately at the moment it is not a good user experience.



We hear you, and everyone else, loud and clear. On the surface and from the outside it looks very simple, but unfortunately the way the site is set up it is not. However, I promise you we have taken this feedback on and something to help with this is coming.

It is currently not possible to do this, that’s correct.

I agree with @TruffleShuffle it would be nice to be able to mix and match to be able to make up a minimum order.

Thanks for the feedback. We have absolutely listened to you and the hundreds of people who have requested something like this. We are currently testing this on our Swedish site to see how it performs and works. If all goes well we will look to roll this out wider.

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Brilliant, I look forward to the update

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