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This has been asked by a few people and it is certainly something we can look into.

Most of your questions @5kg2go are not easy to answer as pardon the pun, it’s not black or white. There’s many things that go into a persons’ lifestyle and people react differently to the same thing.

Gaining/losing weight is about calories in calories out, whatever the source. If you were somehow able to consume 5000kcal of celery you will gain weight. However, there’s so much more to our health than weight which is where eating the “right” foods comes in.

I wouldn’t say one is more beneficial than the other. It’s down to the individual and what works for them. You can create the healthiest diet in the world but it doesn’t matter if you don’t eat it or stop following it after a month - keeping healthy habits up for the long term is the tricky bit.

Check out this article to see if it can answer some of your questions.

A lower carb high protein powder was entirely intentional. Oats are high in carbs so they don’t fit in the nutritional profile we created.

It’s possible Huel Black Edition may be more suitable for your digestion. It’s hard to say without knowing much information.

Sorry I haven’t explained this well. We define nutritionally complete as providing at least 100% of the recommended amounts of all essential nutrients per 2000kcal (these amounts are set by governments). So products can differ slighlty e.g. Black Edition has more protein than v3.0 but both have more protein than is recommend (more detail on this here) Carbs are technically not essential so have no RDA although they have loads of uses.


Makes sense, thanks. I’ve been thinking of it like there’s a correct amount of each nutrient and if you go above or below that, you’ve compromised the product. No doubt there is a “nutritionally perfect” way to eat, but figuring out what that is, and managing to do it, would be really difficult.

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Some people on this forum (including me) has IBS. So less carbs and no surculose could help them. I know all my life that I have a severe case of IBS, since 10 years I also know that I have Lactose Intolerance and after I did the FODMAP diet also Fructan Intolerance. I’m still figuring out what the best food for me is. All I know since I’m using Huel I’m feeling better.


I read somewhere, a few years ago that in the time that you are eating a stick of celery you actually expend about 15 more calories that you gain from eating it. If that is true and you ate 5000 calories of celery and nothing else, then you would lose weight. If you ate 5000 calories of pizza (much easier to do) then you would gain weight.

Dunno if it true re. the celery but thought I’s throw it into the mix.

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If I replaced my 200-300g of regular Huel with Huel Black would I experience faster fat loss (keeping in a calorie deficit)

It’s a myth!

No becuase Huel Black is more calorie-dense than the core Huel Powders.
400kcal of v3.0 = 100g
400kcal of Black Edition = 90g

What you want to aim for is fat loss that you then maintain rather than going through cycles of fat loss then fat gain. Slowly introducing new changes into your life e.g. 1 new thing a week can help you maintain them for the long term.

So if someone is regularly exercising while losing weight, then a higher protein diet will cause them to lose more fat/less muscle than a lower protein diet.

What if they aren’t exercising? Does a high-protein diet still mitigate muscle loss when losing weight? Has that study been done?

Whahahhahaha you would have to consume an entire field of celery :rofl:
(and celery is gross :confounded:)

Maybe that’s where the energy expenditure comes from :laughing: you’d have to carry a lot of celery from a lot of fields. It’s a lot of chewing. Sure maybe it’s a myth but I can see how you could burn as many calories as you were eating, with all that chewing and picking those horrible strings out and everything

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Whahahaha definitely!!! I can totally visualise this :rofl::rofl::rofl:

This could totally be the new weight loss method of 2020. By the end of the year nobody remembers Paleo. If you write a book about it, you can sell it to all the ignorant people and make lots of money.

Celery, the method… Easy to “stick” to. (Notice the word joke in the slogan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Sorry I’m ranting about something completely unrelated again…

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They should ban you!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I train with weights and drink Huel for lunch every day. As I know exactly how many calories it has and how much protein it contains it makes it much easier for me to reach my daily diet goals.

However there are days I know that my dinner might be a bit short on protein and often I find myself either dipping below my protein goal or eating a protein bar or something. But now I can use Huel Black on those days instead. So that’s how it might help me.

So ideally I want a bag of white and a bag of black to choose from, but it looks like you can’t do a mixed subscription!

You can comment here:

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This is true for me too. I’ve had IBS and lacto intolerance since the age of 13 and it has been a struggle. Tried FODMAP and everything else under the sun with no effect. On a WHIM I decided to try Huel Black edition. Started on 1st Jan this year. It’s been just over 3 weeks and my world has changed for the better :slight_smile:


When I was a kid I always threw my food away. I had a whole period that I wouldn’t eat. Although at the time I didn’t know why because I wasn’t depressed. Even my mom told me that when I was a baby I was a terrible eater. Maybe intuition told me that the food was causing all the pain. When I was little there wasn’t the knowledge about food that there is now. Doctors then said well you have it learn to deal with it.

I’m using Black now for a couple of weeks too. And I have it twice a day. I have no problems. I actually feel better.

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This is exactly what I did!

It’s so nice to feel like I’ve finally found something that works for me. I’m so glad to hear it’s doing you good too.

I’m using Huel once a day, but going to move up to twice.

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When I’m on an exercise bike it tells me I’m doing about 18 calories per min of pedaling. So 15 calories per min on celery is quite some chewing.

Well I’ve only got a beak. No teeth.

Here’s why Huel black appeals to me:

My goals are to build muscle and lose fat.

To meet these goals I like to give myself 1 gram of protein per lb of body weight.

Carbs and fats then make up the rest of my energy requirement.

Now, my diet isn’t 100% huel… But huel black now means that it could be. So on days where I really don’t want to think about diet, I can now just entirely rely on huel black. This is extra fantastic while away from the kitchen - on the road.

What I mean by this, is that I can now eat my entire protein requirement… For example 180 grams per day, and yet still be in an energy deficit when I need to lose fat, and of course ramp it up slightly when I don’t need to lose fat.

By comparison, with classic huel, to meet my 180 grams of protein, the overall calories end up way to high