Weight loss - too many carbs


Trying to loose weight, a couple of stone…
I’m excercising regularly, 3-4X a week and on a calorific deficit.

I am not loosing weight, I think I need huel with lower carbs and higher protein? Any way I can do this?

No, you’re eating too many calories.

Ignore carbs, fats, proteins. They’re just macronutrients. The components of Huel are ideal for weight loss, you’re just eating too much of something.

Are you 100% Huel? Tracking calories in Myfitnesspal?

Sorry if this comes across blunt. The point I’m trying to make is the body doesn’t particularly care which macronutrients it’s taking in beyond a point.

With a true calorie deficit, you’ll lose weight, unless you’ve figured a way to break physics. Excess intake will gain you weight. Equilibrium will cause maintenance of current weight.

Drop your calories by another 300 or so and see where you end up. If you’d like a more detailed response, give height, weight, age etc.


Hiya, I agree with @GTIPuG, too many calories. I’ve lost over 9 stone in weight so far and its definitely down to a calorie deficit. When I was a meat eater I did high protein/low carb and the I went plant based vegan I still lost weight irrelevant of the level of carbs as long as I was in a calorie deficit. I’d start by tracking your calories in on something like My Fitness Pal and see exactly what you are taking in. Hope that helps :slight_smile:



6ft - 82kg


Am huel twice a day… and gym at night …
I do tend to have a few beers on Friday eve which could be a reason?

6ft 82kg at 23 sounds great, I wouldn’t worry too much. I’m 5ft10 85kg and am around 15% bodyfat. Do you definitely need to lose fat? Or are you perhaps what’s known as “Skinny fat”, where you could do with filling out your shape a bit?

That could be a reason, sure. Easy to let the liquids loose. A pint is typically around 250 calories, so a moderate drinking session of 5 pints places you at a hefty 1250 unaccounted calories?

A moderate drinking session of 5 pints…**** me, I’m a lightweight…that’s a heavy night for me…I have mates who can sink 8 or 10, including one guy who is 5’11" and skinny who can down 10 with no problem…I could never do that…4 is enough for me…though I can down a bottle of vodka no probs. Must be the volume rather than the alcohol

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It sounds good on paper, yes… haha.

My body fat is 22% which obviously is high! Store a lot of fat in my face and upper body which makes me look bigger…

Looking to get down to around 15% BF…

Which is why I was considering a lower carb option…?

And cut out the beers!

Ignore carbs, ignore protein, ignore fat. Focus on calories intake.

How did you measure bodyfat? If it’s an electrode scale, it’s more than likely extremely inaccurate. DEXA scans or water tanks are fairly good measures if you can find one. My electrode scale puts me at 26%, DEXA at 16% last check.

On the subject of carbs, cutting out beer (or just counting the calories from them) as well as a bit of weight training will get you what you want as long as you fuel your body appropriately.

I’d highly recommend Myfitnesspal app if you’re not already using it. Free and feature packed.


Is Huel twice a day x2 scoops and a healthy meal in the evening enough?

Honest and to the point lol…

You’d be amazed how many calories are in a few beers. Cut the alcohol for a month if you can :wink:

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No, I’d say that’s a dangerously low intake for your height.

http://mytdee.com. Take a look at that and input your data, it’ll tell you what to aim for.

I’m 22, 5ft10 85kg as above. When cutting, I consume 2400 cals a day. When bulking, I consume 3400 a day. When maintaining my weight, I sit somewhere around 2750.

With the extra height but possibly less muscle mass, you’ll probably be similar.

I’m probably consuming 1800/2000 cals a day and going to the gym for 30/4mins…

What do u recommend I should be consuming to loose a Few pounds a week?


You obviously hit the gym, when cutting? What’s your routine?

I need to get down slim and then will put on more muscle…

I do indeed. My routine just depends on what kind of training I’m doing. I’ll run you through my current lifestyle.

Current cutting routine follows a program known as “5/3/1 NSUNS”. Have a Google. I follow www.reddit.com/r/fitness a lot and picked the program up from there. It’s based around tiered lifts. I also did this program during bulk in December and really enjoyed it.

I don’t really do cardio at all, I do pilates followed by a 5k run every Sunday to keep the old beater healthy but weights is the rest.

I’m currently doing Nsuns at 85KG on 2400 cals a day.

Even in a deficit, I’m still making slight increases on my lifts.

Since Christmas I’ve gone from:

Overhead Press - 57.5KG max > 62.5KG max
Bench press - 87.5KG for 1 rep > 90KG for 3 reps
Squat - 145KG, no change
Deadlift - 160KG, no change

My macro split is pretty much 40/40/20 Carbs/protein/fat. During cutting my diet looks like this:


  • Two egg omelette with 30g Cheddar
  • 4 scoops Huel with 300ml skimmed milk

Lunch is skipped, works for me.


  • 4 scoops Huel with 300ml skimmed milk pre workout
  • 300g chicken breast post workout
  • Either 450 cals of ‘something yummy’ (perhaps a beefburger - Not crap burgers, genuine lean meat) or 3 x scoops Huel with just water and flavour

For my final month of cutting I embark on a training plan by Craig Capurso:


I have just the book to help you…http://www.veganmeathead.com/product/the-way-of-the-vegan-meathead-eating-for-strength-book :stuck_out_tongue:


And in things like juice and soft drinks. A can of Coke is 139 calories. A glass of orange juice is 100 calories + too.

Having a few drinks in the evening with an orange juice in the morning can easily add 500 calories alone. Really eats into your calorie counting if you’re not careful.


Haha, cheers but not interested! I enjoy my eggs, chicken and fish too much :slight_smile:

GTIPug I remember you posting that you were following a 6-day PPL routine. How did that go, and have you moved on from that now?

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Indeed, that worked great as a way to build up my “base” I guess. I stopped the PPL in September in favour of NSUNS 5/3/1 routine. The hypertrophy on PPL was more favourable, but the strength gains through Nsuns have been much more linear and consistent.

Okay cool, I’ll stick to PPL then as hypertrophy is my preference :slight_smile: